Meet Thor – A High Performance Titanium Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Strap

If you’ve been a lurker on @kit.690 Instagram or an actual KIT690 or KIT701 rally kit user, you already know that we get a kick from satisfying even the craziest ideas put forward by our customers. You know that we love to research and develop unique designs that complete unique builds.

One in a while, along comes a customer who is looking for something extra special. This next project – a state of the art Rally Replica style Titanium exhaust with matching carbon fiber strap – is the result of a few months of teamwork. The manufacturing was done as usual together with our longtime exhaust partner, Kline Innovation. They are the gold standard in aftermarket exhausts for the high-end automotive industry, delivering parts for the most scrumptious brands, from Lamborghini and Ferrari, to Fenyr Supersport, Corbellati Missile, and RUF Automobile.The development of the bracket mold was accomplished together with Peter R., a customer from the U.K., who came up with the suggestion and who was eager to work with us to make it happen.


Design Brief

Our main idea was to design and build a high-performance exhaust system, inspired by the Akrapovic silencer of KTM Factory Rally fame.

Naturally, we started testing with the same metal used for the original part. Titanium is known to be expensive, and prolonged heat exposure exceeding 600 C can cause oxidation of the material, leading to brittle components and potential breakages. It has however very high tensile strength, low density, and is relatively easy to machine and weld. These characteristics make Titanium best suited to cooler applications, where strength to weight ratio is paramount. Perfect for a rally-replica exhaust, right? Sculpted from ultra lightweight Titanium and engineered in our lab, this new exhaust would deliver unrivaled lightness and sound performance.

Oval-shaped Titanium exhaust developed with Kline Innovation

When Peter ordered his KIT, we had been working on our new oval Titanium silencer for a while already. While discussing the best configuration for his particular riding skills and objectives, Peter pitched an idea – could we make a carbon strap to complement his exhaust? As all designers, we love a challenge. So it was back to the drawing board… um, more like Inventor board, but you’ve got the idea.

titanium-exhaust-carbon-fiber-strap 1
The carbon fiber strap design

After the strap prototype was designed, Peter started milling the aluminum mold. We only use prepreg sheets and always “cook” our carbon fiber parts in Kline Innovation’s state-of-the art autoclave oven, but a rigid mold with smooth, burr-free edges is paramount for quality end products.
As you can see, it took a few trials and errors to fine tune the manufacturing process.

titanium-exhaust-carbon-fiber-strap 2
Peter’s molds milled from aluminum

We couldn’t be happier with the final result – now our beautifully handcrafted oval Titanium silencer comes with a carbon fiber strap to boot.

titanium-exhaust-carbon-fiber-strap 3
The full exhaust system mounted on a KIT701 (built by Nemo) featuring the oval-shaped Titanium silencer with carbon fiber strap

The full high-performance exhaust system is included in the standard KIT701 package, but we decided to also offer the silencer as optional add-on for the KIT690. It is the detail that will make any rally replica build stand out, bringing the Factory look close to perfect.

2 thoughts on “Turborcharge Your Husqvarna 701 With The Ultimate Exhaust

  1. David says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a replacement silencer for my 2019 KTM 690 Enduro. I would like a lighter system but without extra noise. Can you help?

  2. #690#701@boltonKITS says:

    Hi David, thanks a lot for asking. Sadly I cannot help. The Thor exhaust fits only the full 701 kit, only our 1190 exhaust is designed to fit stock KTM bikes, without any mods. However, there are many options out there for silencers that are a direct fit. I recommend WINGS fro the price/quality ratio. Hope this helps.

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