KIT701. The new generation.

Designed for Husqvarna 701.

Say hello to the future.


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100% bolt-on.

Build it in 3 simple steps.

Strip donor bike.

Find detailed instructions in the Manual supplied with the KIT. Parts are pre-assembled or labeled for easy identification.

Switch to RFR look.

Genuine Rally Replica parts supplied by KTM or Husqvarna.

Parts made from: aerospace-grade aluminum in powder-coat finish, stainless steel, carbon fiber, faux suede, Inconel s.a.

Upload racing DNA.

All metal parts & fasteners are plug and play, Swapping from “ADV” to “Rally” is a cinch.

Want more?

Dial up the grit.

More power.

Limitless customization possible.

Everything matched to your unique riding profile and objectives.

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More style.

Be the coolest in your squad.

Custom decals, gizmos, heck, even VR on-board if you really want.

Pick a KIT and make it your own